Fri, 21 Sep 2012 17:26:27 GMT | By Matt Wales, MSN Games contributor
Top gaming picks for the weekend - Friday, 21 September 2012

What to play this weekend - 21 September

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With summer well and truly over, there's really no excuse for any of that 'outdoors' malarky any more.

It's time to bed down for the winter and snuggle up between blankets and your old electrical heater that's only a prayer away from burning the whole house down.

And what better way to enjoy your hibernation time than with a spot of video game sunshine for your soul?

As the rush of Christmas releases turns from a trickle to a tide, we've some truly brilliant recommendations for your wallets this weekend.


Then let's begin...

23/09/2012 11:24
The Picture is from Torchlight 1....doh
23/09/2012 16:35
23/09/2012 20:36
nice to see more girls like these games hot girls to
23/09/2012 16:04
I am about a quater of the way through if you liked 1 you wont be dissapointed , me and the wife luv the split screen action as we did in first game , so to sum it up much more of 1 but just that little bit better , and geat to see all old faces , mordaci is sniping bugs for us from his tower GREAT !
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