In pictures: Great gaming superpowers

We've all had superpower dreams - flying around like Superman; crawling up buildings like Spider-Man; not to mention the one where you use x-ray vision to take a sneaky peek on the girl who lives across the street (don't lie - we know you have). Sadly, they remain just dreams.

But we do at least have video games, which are as close to dreams as you can get - as anyone who's had trippy nightmares after playing too much Tetris can attest. And more to the point, video games let us do all kinds of crazy stuff that we don't get in boring old 'real life'.

So, welcome to MSN's run-down of some of the greatest gaming superpowers, featuring our favourite abilities and power-ups. From Batman's Detective Vision to Max Payne's Bullet-time, these are the things that make video game characters far, far better than being an ordinary human. But bear in mind these are merely our picks - let us know your suggestions in the comments below.

Ready? It's time to strap on your spandex and leap off the rooftop of gaming's greatest superpowers...