Another positive Mass Effect 2 PS3 review has arrived, courtesy of CVG sister mag PSM3 - and it carries a 95 percent score.


The UK publication, which is released tomorrow, claims that the BioWare's "stunning character models look even more lifelike on PS3" and reports that "even next to Uncharted 2, ME2's shooting holds up well".

Although the mag quibbles that Mass Effect 2 is closer to a "third-person shooter with deep, deep story elements" than a pure RPG, it does qualify that the game is "a hybrid game without comparison on PS3".

"This isn't stodgy RPG combat," critic Andy Hartup continues, "it feels like a proper shooter."

The review claims that not only is this the "best version of Mass Effect 2" you can get for your money, but that PS3 owners don't "miss out" by not having the original game - presumably thanks to BioWare and Dark Horse's intriguing prologue in interactive comic form, Mass Effect: Genesis, which is included with the PS3 version of ME2.


This article first appeared on Computer And Video Games on 06 January 2011 1:56 PM